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Top 20 Computer Science Programs In America

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Top 20 Computer Science Programs in America.
Listed by Ranking (US News), further listed by School, Location and Average Tuition. 


Top 20 Computer Science Programs In America
Average Tuition
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Stanford University
Stanford, CA
University of California--Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Instate $6,231
Outstate $ 17,671
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
Instate $23,526
Outstate $39,666
University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL
Instate $16,022
Outstate $30,164
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
University of Texas--Austin
Austin, TX
Outstate $15,675
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
Instate $20,082
Outstate $ 38,292
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA
University of Wisconsin--Madison
Madison, WI
Instate $8,987
Outstate $24,237
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
University of California--Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Instate $10,781
Outstate $22,021
University of California--San Diego
La Jolla, CA
University of Maryland--College Park
College Park, MD
Instate $8,416
Columbia University
New York, NY
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Brown University
Providence, RI

  • Carnegie Mellon offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Students must minor and gain knowledge in another subject area. Students have the option to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Computational Biology, or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Arts, or Bachelor of Science in Music &Technology.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology awards an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; it also awards an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Stanford University offers an undergraduate program that enable students to get involved in research which lays the foundation for future career choices. Students may intern at many local companies in Silicon Valley.
  • Students at the University of California Berkley may major in two different Computer Science programs; these include Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, or Computer Science. The Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Major requires supplementary math and science classes. Both majors consist of technological training in computer science.
  • Cornell University awards a BS in Computer Science to students enrolled in the College of Engineering. A Bachelors in Science is also awarded to students in the College of Arts and Sciences. College of Engineering students are required to take physics and chemistry. Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Science must take a foreign language course.
  • University of Illinois—(Urbana-Champaign) provides students with a broad knowledge of the design, theory, and application of digital computers; students also learn information processing techniques. The senior year involves an extensive study of a specific area and a senior project or thesis.
  • University of Washington offers a Computer Science program through its College of Arts and Sciences and College of Engineering; each program awards 80 baccalaureate degrees a year.
  • Princeton University awards the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E) to students enrolled in the Computer Science program; it also awards the Bachelors of Arts (A.B.) degree. Program affords students the flexibility of pursuing other interest areas.
  • Students at the University of Texas--Austin may earn a Bachelor’s degree in Arts or Science in Computer Science. The Bachelor of Arts offers a humanities/liberal arts based education (120 hours), the Bachelor of Science requires 130 hours.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology has two distinct schools within its College of Computing, the School of Computer Science and the School of Interactive Computing. Both Schools award Baccalaureate degrees. The Bachelor in Interactive Computing covers a wider range of computer related practicality, e.g., Robots delivering drugs to patients, artificial intelligence; among others.
  • The Computer Science department at the California Institute of Technology emphasizes the mathematical and engineering background required in computer science, second year courses include Sophomore Physics, Sophomore Mathematics, Intro. to Computer Programming, Intro. to Computing Systems; among others.
  • Computer Science at the University of WisconsinMadison results in a Bachelor of Arts or Science, curriculum includes courses such as networking, databases, operating systems, animation, computer architecture and software engineering.
  • University of Michigan--Ann Arbor educates its students on how to analyze and design computation efficiently, how to retrieve and store information, how computers deliver computation and how to design software to solve complex problems.
  • UCLA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science acquaints students with the fundamentals of computer science, these include the analysis, modeling, and applications of computer systems. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is awarded upon completion.
  • University of California--San Diego offers three kinds of BS degrees in Computer Science, a Bachelor of Arts degree is also offered. Degrees awarded are B.A. Computer Science, B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Computer Engineering and B.S. Computer Science with a Specialization in Bioinformatics; programs allow students to gain top notch knowledge as programmers.
  • University of Maryland—(College Park) allows students tomajor or minor in Computer Science; students receive a comprehensive education on the theoretical and practical science of computers and computing.
  • Ranked as one of the best in the nation, students at Columbia University learn the basics of the modern computer world. Areas covered include operating systems, programming languages, computer architecture, theoretical computer science and mathematics.  
  • Harvard’s Computer Science Department offers a world class curriculum, program allows students substantial flexibility; students may combine their studies with other fields such as physics, mathematics, economics, linguistics and psychology.
  •  University of Pennsylvania allows students the option of earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) or a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science. The BAS in computer science enables students to combine the understanding of technology with the knowledge of human social values. Program was designed for students who do not want to work in the engineering field.
  • Recognized as a leader in science and technology, Brown University offers undergraduate concentrations in Computer Science; program combines basics in areas such as hardware, software and theoretical computer science. Students earn undergraduate degrees A.B or Sc.B. upon completion.


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